Google Adword Promo Code

Google Adword Promo Code

 Google Adwords Promo

Everyone Comment on this post, This Post gonna be a pretty quick one we're going to be going over. The easiest way to get Google AdWords promo code.

How to get a Google Ads promotional code and then how to apply that to your account right now Google is offering a promotion to all new advertisers that sign up and you can redeem a hundred and fifty dollars which is pretty sweet a few if you ask me so I'm gonna take you through this process, but to show you guys how to get there so the first thing you're gonna want to do is just Google Google ads promo code and make sure you spell Google correctly and not gonna go boom but the place you're going to want to go to is this ad that coupon voucher and it's going to take you right to this screen right here and what's gonna happen is they literally match up to a hundred and fifty dollars which is like free money guys like if you are running ads on Google ads or if you're considering running ads on Google this is a no-brainer there are so many things you can do and that ranges all the way from search ads to display to anything on the Google Network this is eligible for so there.

Direct link to get  Google Adword Promo or coupon code but it's only for U.S google account.

There's a couple stipulation it just needs to be a new account and I believe it's about 14 days so if you make an account you know within the past two weeks you can then apply this Google Adword promo code and I just tested it out myself I did get a promo code however my account is not eligible because of that I've had the account for a while but nonetheless, this is still something I'm gonna take you guys through and then how to do it so if you go to this section here obviously put in your email check the box go to the caption and then redeem the code within one or two minutes you'll receive an email which I'll be pulling up here in one second's the email right here you receive just a nifty little email with the offer code and feel free to use this offer code if you would like I tried to use it but my account is too old so go bonkers if you guys want to and then you can redeem this card they show you how to redeem that code. 

 If you just click on this option take you where you need to go within the Billing section the billing and payment section within Google has to excuse me so once you receive this code even mostly on over to add make sure you sign in to your account and then once you get to this screen you guys see I have a couple YouTube ads running where it's spent a whopping $2 so far today we're just testing out a couple things for a future video that I'll be recording on but if you  Click on the wrench or setting section here in the upper right-hand corner go-to tools and settings and then go to billing Submarine over here in the upper right  hand corner once that's complete click on settings scroll all the way to the bottom and then click on manage promotional codes and it's easy as that guy yo just paste that code in here click apply and then once you spend 150 dollars Google will then match that hundred fifty dollar credit which is just free money I do not believe there's a limit on that 150 dollars in the past they have around you know you have to spend this within a quarter it's asbestos within a month.

 I don't believe there are any stipulations on when you have to spend this money to buy so if that's incorrect make sure to let me know below in the comments I can edit this post to make sure it's up to date but if Google's are giving away free money take advantage of it.

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