Iran vs USA: What is the real problem?

Iran vs USA: What is the real problem?

Iran vs USA: What is the real problem?

Iran vs USA war remains to flash in the breaking news all the time due to continued tensions between the two nations. The media keep screaming about the latest developments but the general public needs a deep analysis of the situation to understand the real problem. Hence, here is a concise yet brief summary to understand the real problem between Iran and the USA.

Iran and USA relations before the Iranian Revolution (Pre 1979)

Iran and the USA were great allies before the Iranian Revolution in 1979. However, the situation became the opposite due to the Iranian Revolution as the USA was perceived against the revolution. Before 1979, Iran was ruled by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was perceived as a puppet of America in Iran by Iranian people. He ruled Iran from 1941 to 1979 and his more than three decades of the rule was a symbol of the westernization of Iran. 

Iran and USA relations after the Iranian Revolution (Post 1979)

As the Iranian Revolution happened in 1979, the previous ruler of Iran i.e. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fled to the USA to save himself. The administration of the USA was not ready to let Shah enter the country as they wished to have a normal relationship with the new government in Iran. However, the USA President Carter agreed to let Shah enter the country on the pretext of his cancer treatment. This step of the USA was seen as a conspiracy against Iran to overthrow the newly formed revolutionary government and the situation took the worst turn. 

Sanctions on Iran by the USA

The Situation became worst immediately after the Iranian Revolution as on 04 November 1979 revolutionary students took hostage the 52 American diplomats after occupying American Embassy. This initiated the downward spiral of relations between the USA and Iran which resulted in tensions and sanctions against Iran. The USA put sanctions against Iran to hit nuclear, missile and military exports of Iran. Furthermore, USA sanctions targeted Iranian segments of oil, gas, petrochemicals, refined petroleum products, banks, insurance, shipping, and financial institutions. These  sanctions crippled Iran's economy in a multidimensional way.

Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA)

On 14 July 2015, the Iran Nuclear Deal or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was agreed upon between P5 +1 and Iran. P5 + 1 was a group of world powers in which P5 means five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council i.e. United States, United Kingdom, France, Russian and China. The plus one in the group is Germany. The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution to endorse JCPOA and appreciated Iran’s stance that Iran will under no circumstances ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons. 

Conclusion of what everyone is doing right now

The American Side of the current situation

In November 2018, Trump administration re-imposed all the sanctions on Iran which were lifted in 2015 and backtracked from Iran Nuclear Deal. Trump administration in the USA wants to renegotiate the Nuclear Deal with Iran to ensure the permanent blockage of Iran's ambitions to become Nuclear Power.

The Iranian Side of the current situation
Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei has banned direct talks with the USA owing to backtracking of Trump Administration and fruitless negotiations. Hence, the negotiations are over between the USA and Iran and both parties are putting pressure on each other to further their cause.

Other stakeholder countries position
The other countries i.e. P5 +1, are trying to pursue both nations to ease the tensions and resolve the differences on the negotiation table. However, both the counties are flexing muscles to ensure a better position on the negotiation table. The only concern is that this muscle-flexing is so dangerous that it can quickly escalate into full-fledge war due to minor miscalculations or misunderstanding.

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