Makeup your eyebrows with 6 really powerful novelties

Makeup your eyebrows with 6 really powerful novelties


                                                     1. Fortifying Eyelash & Eyebrow, Ecrinal

Formula Presented as a mascara, this colorless fortifying serum can be used on both eyelashes and eyebrows. Its secret: a formulation based on a specific complex patented (A NP ® 2+), but also vitamin B5, which helps repair the delicate eyebrows and weakened while stimulating their growth. To use in cure of 2 to 3 months.

2. Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil, Estes Lauder, 

Customized color With no less than 8 tones available, these pencils are adapted to the right shade of eyebrows or hair. Their formula, based on carnauba wax, glides on the skin for a soft makeup, and resists moisture and perspiration for maximum hold. Last asset: the thin tip, which does not scale, allows an ultra-precise drawing, while the other tip allows to melt the color.

  3. Brow wax, Tattoo Brow Maybelle,

Ultra-pigmented, this eyebrow wax is easy to apply with its applicator brush and guarantees an optimal result for 24 hours thanks to its waterproof formula. Ideal for keeping a perfect make-up from morning to evening, even if you go for a swim in the pool.

4. Eyebrow Palette all in one All About Brow, Nocibé,

Complete palette: tweezers, a double-ended brush, two shades of powder, two illuminators, a fixing wax, not to mention four stencils to create precise shapes: this palette contains everything you need to afford eyebrows to the eye. perfectly redesigned line. And with its size that fits easily in the handbag, it can be carried everywhere.

5.Eyebrow Styling Gel, Lavera,

Perfect fixation Perfect for those who simply wish to discipline the line of their eyebrows without coloring them, this totally transparent gel is easily applied thanks to its integrated brush. In addition, its formula dries in seconds and ensures an excellent result all day.

6. Brow Highlighting Eyebrow Gel, Sep-hora,

Light effect Not content to perfectly fix the eyebrow line and color subtly, this gel is also adorned with beautiful iridescent reflections that illuminate and sparkle the eyes. Available in three shades: light blonde, medium brown and deep bronze.

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