How to draw perfect eyebrows

How to draw perfect eyebrows


The eyebrows are the point of balance of the face. 

The line that rejuvenates the face
Working the shape of her eyebrows, allows women to have a neat look while giving them the opportunity to assert their femininity, and even to obtain, by optical effect, a real shot lift who will rejuvenate the face. But be careful, you should never overhaul, especially for girls, because an eyebrow too sparse will struggle to push back. As well as with the years, eyebrows are inevitably thinner due to the hormonal upheavals. The simplest way to define the line that best fits his face is to take the form of the latter into consideration. Thus, if you have a rather angular face (of a square or triangular shape), the ideal is to op-ter for a rounded eyebrows drawing to soften the features. And if your face is rather round or even oval, the best is to contrast with a line of eyebrows re-relatively right, with a tip slightly reinforced.

Shapes over time

The type of eyebrows has evolved over time.Today, the trend is that they are thin and arched or long and thick. In the 1930s, they had to be rather long and thin, in the 1940s, rounded and, in the 1950s, arched. If, between 1960 and 1980, the eyebrows remained often very natural, from the 1990s, they are marked and impeccably drawn.

Perfect hair removal
Cold wax or tweezers, each with its own preferences for defining the line of his eyebrows, knowing that the first ensures a few weeks of tran-quillity, and the second a precision foolproof. "In front of a magnifying mirror, the operation is much easier,". Depending on the method chosen, simply remove the strip of wax parallel to the skin in order to make the operation less painful, or tear them one by one with the forceps, pulling with a sharp blow, in order to remove the hair and its bulb well. But either method may leave some red marks on the skin, so it is better to proceed in the evening rather than in the morning before going out.

The right way to make eyebrows up 

Powering his eyebrows is not always enough to get a nice line. It is also often necessary to resort to the magic of makeup to correct the shape or to rectify an aspect too sparse. It remains to choose between pencils (to redraw and change the shape with natural), powders (to expand and give volume to the hair), or even waxes (for a more full and sophisticated effect), or even mascaras (for those who want perfectly disciplined eyebrows). "On the color side,"choose a shade close to that of the color of your eyebrows, or that of your hair, if you have a coloring quite far from your original color"But do not go crazy," says the specialist, "because it may give you a provocative, almost aggressive look." Start by combing your eyebrows down so you can define the top line. Then, draw a light line starting perpendicular to the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. From this point, we can then give a descending curve, but without exceeding an imaginary line that starts from the corner of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. Always make your corrections with small light strokes, even if you need to iron several times for a result of the most natural. You can then brush up the natural eyebrows upwards: they will then mix with makeup for a totally unsuspected effect.Close with a touch of concealer or eye shadow under the eyebrow line, for a perfect result. A TIP You can hold the eyebrow on both sides with one hand so that it does not move during makeup.

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